rotarX Hybrid Slip Rings for Power, Signal and Ethernet Transmission

Compact slip rings with one or two feedthroughs for Ethernet

Small, medium or large slip rings for combined industrial fieldbus and power transmission. 100MBit to 100GBit transmission via standard or fibre optic cable. Advanced contacting technology for low contact resistance and optimised signal quality.

Technical Specifications

Protection class

IP51 (higher on request)

Rated Current

2-20A per ring

Housing material

Plastic, aluminium, stainless steel

Number of rings


Rotational speed

0-600 rpm

Additional services

Cable: CAT5, CAT6, CAT7
RJ45 plug / socket

Electrical specifications

  • Ethernet feedthroughs:
    1 or 2 channels 1000Mbit/sec
  • Number of rings: 2-48
  • Nominal current: 2-20A per ring
  • Max. Working voltage: 440 VAC/DC
  • Voltage withstand: ≥500V @50Hz
  • Electrical noise: max 10mΩ
  • Isolation resistance:
    ≥1000 MΩ @ 500 VDC

Mechanical specifications

  • Rotation speed:
    0-600 rpm
  • Contact material:
    Silver-silver, gold-gold
  • Cable length: freely definable,
    Standard: 300mm (rotor/stator)
  • Casing material: plastic, aluminium, stainless steel
  • Protection degree: IP51 (higher on request)
  • Working temperature: -30°C … +80°C


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Ethernet Slip Rings

Ethernet slip rings for reliable transmission of power and signal current in demanding applications. The industrial standard for automation technology is called Ethernet.

Wherever a production line is to be automated to the greatest possible extent and run in the fastest possible cycle, Ethernet is the measure of all things. No other data transmission system is better suited for the production processes of Industry 4.0. With our Ethernet slip rings, we now also offer you the matching rotary feedthroughs.

These slip rings not only offer you a simple feed-through of a signal via a rotating route. They can accomplish this inherently demanding task at phenomenal speeds: Our Ethernet slip rings create rotation speeds of up to 600 rotations per minute. With this speed, your processes will leave nothing to be desired.


Ethernet Slip Rings

Secure transmission of 100Mbit/s / 1000Mbit / Gigabit Ethernet, protocols such as PROFINET, SERCOS III, POWERLINK, EtherCAT, MECHATROLINK-III and many more.

Housing material Ethernet slip rings

The housing material of the Ethernet slip rings is selected after consultation with our customers. From plastic to stainless steel, many possibilities, including combinations, are available. We would be happy to advise you on the various possibilities in this area.

Ethernet cable with RJ45 connector

In order to enable the fastest and most error-free installation in the customer’s system, we deliver our Ethernet slip rings with RJ45 plugs as standard. If you require other connectors, such as industrial M12 connectors, or special cables with increased EMC protection, we can of course also implement this. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Type Ethernet Slip Rings

Ethernet slip rings can be implemented in almost any design: with or without a hollow shaft, as an encapsulated miniature slip ring or even as an ultra-flat pancake variant.

Power and Ethernet

The special feature of our hybrid slip rings is the possibility of transmitting electrical power in addition to the Ethernet data, or even providing feedthroughs for liquids or gases.

Various interfaces for data

In addition to electrical power and Ethernet data, other types of signals can also be transmitted, here USB2.0 in the picture. In this way, all power and data streams can be combined in one device.

Functionality of Ethernet Slip Rings

Through the selection of high-quality materials and excellent engineering, we achieve outstanding performance with traditional full-contact technology.

The Ethernet signal is transported through a suitable cable to the slip ring. There, the current pulse is transferred from the brush into the ring and from there into another identically constructed and marked line. Thanks to corrosion- and abrasion-resistant gold-gold or silver-silver contacts, the signal remains fully retrievable and reliable in its transmission even at maximum rotation. With up to 1000 mBit/second and 600 revolutions per minute, you have all the power reserves you need for your applications.

Advantages of the Ethernet slip rings from rotarX

Our Ethernet slip rings offer you the following advantages:

  • Stable mounting
  • Robust, shielded housing
  • Long service life
  • High rotation speed
  • Large data transmission
  • Protection class IP 51, higher on request

The high-strength aluminium housing of the Ethernet slip ring is attached to any surface with a screw tab. Ideal are rotary connections such as shafts, journals or axles. The stator-rotor combination gives you arbitrary freedom of rotation in both directions.

This also includes rotation within a limited radius. The housing is radio-interference suppressed and protected against leaking or penetrating signals. Rotation speed and data rate leave nothing to be desired. Due to the selection of tested, robust materials, the Ethernet slip rings are very durable.

Selection of the Ethernet Slip Rings

We offer Ethernet slip rings with up to 48 transmission points. In addition, rings for power transmission can be added. Each power ring can carry a rated current of up to 20 amps. The working voltage for each ring is 440 volts – regardless of whether it is direct current or alternating current. As a reserve, you have a dielectric strength of up to 500 volts per ring at a mains frequency of 50 hertz. The electrical noise is no more than 10 milliohms.

The Ethernet slip rings are tested for an insulation resistance of up to 1000 megohms at 500 volts DC. The Ethernet feedthroughs have one or two channels that can transmit up to 1000 mega bits per second. With the rotation speed of up to 600 revolutions per minute, each of our Ethernet slip rings plays in its own class.

We can offer you the slip rings in any cable length. Our Ethernet slip rings operate from -30 °C to + 80 °C with consistent reliability.

Installing the Ethernet Slip Rings

The installation of our Ethernet slip rings is very easy. Attach the Ethernet slip ring to the installation location with the screw tab and connect the cables to the system. Each passing cable has two identical ends so that mix-ups are impossible.

At high rotation speeds, please ensure that the slip ring is positioned exactly centrically to guarantee a long service life.

Use of Ethernet slip rings

There are many applications where Ethernet signals need to be transmitted into a fast rotating actuator. Here, practically all cutting machines with highly developed sensor technology are very typical examples. Ethernet slip rings in spindles or tool holders can register imbalances or friction losses with the appropriate sensors. This enables the machine control to slow down or interrupt production at an early stage, before serious damage to the machine has occurred.

Further applications of Ethernet slip rings can be found in avionics and automotive engineering. Installed in rotor shafts or drive shafts, Ethernet slip rings can transmit incoming signals from outside to the control unit. Temperature fluctuations, humidity or other disturbance variables are thus detected within milliseconds and the control unit can react accordingly. This makes these applications particularly reliable and safe.

Ethernet Slip Ring Maintenance

Our Ethernet slip rings are designed for the highest loads. The design of the slip ring bodies offers freedom from maintenance for the entire service life. Anything beyond external cleaning is therefore not indicated for maintenance. We offer you highly reliable and durable Ethernet slip rings.

Depending on the design of your application, you have the best possible calculation basis with which to calculate the replacement of your slip rings at regular intervals, if necessary.

Assembly of your Ethernet slip rings

We have deliberately kept our range as broad and comprehensive as possible in order to be able to cover the widest range of applications for Ethernet slip rings. Nevertheless, it can of course still happen that our products do not fully cover your requirements.

But even then we can help you. If you need special performance or properties for your Ethernet slip rings, we are there for you. We will be happy to supply you with exactly the products that will optimally support you in your challenges. Special lacquering, engravings, cabling or special features – we can implement anything you want for your slip rings.

Your way to the Ethernet Slip Rings

If you are not sure which Ethernet slip ring is best suited for your applications, please contact us. Our hotline is available for urgent enquiries. With a detailed e-mail, we can get an ideal picture of your challenge. Your request will be optimally supported by an illustration, drawing or photograph.

Our customer service will contact you promptly and work out the ideal solution for your Ethernet slip rings together with you. This way, you have exactly the product that fits your applications perfectly. Trust our experience from thousands of projects with hundreds of satisfied customers.

Our slip rings prove themselves in the most demanding environments and reliably perform their services there. So let us inspire you with our quality and service. We are only satisfied when we have been able to supply you with the ideal slip ring, no matter how demanding your challenges are.

Network cable categorisation

CategoryTransmission speedFrequencyMax. Cable length
Cat310 MBit/s16 MHZ100 m
Cat5100 MBit/s100 MHZ100 m
Cat5e1 Gigabit/s100 MHZ100 m
FastCat5e1 Gigabit/s350 MHZ100 m
Cat61 Gigabit/s250 MHZ100 m
Cat6a10 Gigabit/s500 MHZ100 m
Cat710 Gigabit/s600 MHZ100 m
Cat7a100 Gigabit/s1000 MHZ100 m

Practical slip ring solutions for your application

The different rotarX slip ring series are optimised for a wide range of applications. We support our customers for customised solutions.

Product catalogue for all slip rings

Find out about the different slip rings in our current overview. Transmission technology for complex industrial and safety-relevant applications form the core of our product range. All products can be individually adapted to the applications in order to offer you added value. Premium engineering - that is our claim for every single product we manufacture. We would like to convince you of this.

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