HD-SDI (1080p) slip ring including power and electrical signal transmission

Compact slip rings with HD bushing

High-resolution video transmission of HD-SDI signals(1080P, 4K) with up to 3 GHz high frequency. Advanced fibre brush technology and gold-to-gold multiple contacting for high contact quality and low resistance. Customised and combined power and signal versions possible.

Technical Specifications

Protection class

IP51 (higher on request)

Rated Current

2-10A per ring

Housing material

Plastic, aluminium, stainless steel

Number of rings


Rotational speed

0-50 rpm

Additional services

Coax cable, HDMI plug/socket to HDMI 2.1

Electrical Specifications

  • 1 HD-SDI Channel
  • Number of rings: 2-48
  • Nominal current: 2-10A per ring
  • Max. Working voltage: 440 VAC/DC
  • Voltage withstand: ≥500V @50Hz
  • Electrical noise: max 10mΩ
  • Isolation resistance:
    ≥1000 MΩ @ 500 VDC

Mechanical Specifications

  • Rotation speed:
  • Contact material:
  • Cable length: freely definable,
    Standard: 30mm (rotor/stator)
  • Casing material: aluminium
  • Protection class: IP51 (higher on request)
  • Working temperature: -30°C-+80°C


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HD SDI Slip Rings

HD-SDI slip rings are an indispensable part of modern camera technology. 360° swivel and highest image quality are not only required by modern film cameras but are also indispensable for drones and security cameras.


HD-SDI Slip Rings

Loss-free transmission of high-frequency image and sound signals via HDMI (UHD, 4K, 8K, etc.)

HDMI connectors for quick mounting

To enable quick mounting in the end device, we deliver our HD-SDI slip rings with HDMI connectors as standard. Should you require other connectors or special cables with increased EMC protection, we can of course also implement this. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Hybrid slip ring with multiple connections

In addition to the transmission of the high-frequency image and sound signals, further connections can be provided, here an audio transmission via a 3.5mm jack plug.

Verschiedene Schnittstellen für Daten

In addition to electrical power and the video signals of the HD-SDI channels, other types of signals can also be transmitted, here USB2.0 in the picture. Thus, all power and data streams can be combined in one device.

Different housing materials to choose from

The housing material of the HD-SDI slip rings is selected after consultation with our customers. From plastic to stainless steel, many possibilities, also combinations, are available. Please feel free to ask for advice on the various options in this area.

HD-SDI slip rings for perfect broadcasting

SDI stands for “Serial Digital Interface”. It describes a type of cable and a form of connector that is mainly used in recording and playback devices in professional broadcasting. HD-SDI is an extension of this standard. It enables a data transmission rate that allows digital image recording and playback in high-definition quality. Coaxial cables or optical fibres are used as SDI and HD-SDI cables. The primary task of the HD-SDI slip rings is therefore to ensure interference-free signal transmission at all times.

How the HD-SDI slip rings work

Like all signal-transmitting rotary joints, HD-SDI slip rings are hybrids. They can transmit both signals and power current. In the case of camera technology, this means that the HD-SDI slip rings not only pass the signals to and from the camera. The power supply of the recording device as well as the peripheral devices can also be supplied with power by a single slip ring. This makes motor-driven cameras including sensors and illuminants possible in a particularly confined space – perfect conditions for ultra-compact remote devices such as high-end camera drones.

HD-SDI slip rings from rotarX are supplied without connectors. The incoming and outgoing cables are open and free for custom assembly. On request, we can also supply the HD-SDI slip rings with the connector of your choice. rotarX uses only gold-gold contacts in its HD-SDI slip rings to ensure perfect transmission of power and signal current. These are corrosion-free and guarantee reliable transmission of the HD signals at all times.

Advantages of the HD-SDI slip rings from rotarX

HD-SDI slip rings are used where no compromises in transmission quality and freedom of movement are permitted. Therefore, HD-SDI slip rings are particularly advantageous for their field of application for the following reasons:

  • Designed for HD-SDI applications
  • Rugged housing made of thick-walled, corrosion-free aluminium
  • Ingress protection class IP51 as standard, higher protection classes available on request
  • Corrosion-free gold-gold signal transmission in the slip ring
  • large variety of types

Everything about the HD-SDI slip ring is designed for its dedicated use. The smooth rotatability, even with fast right-left changes, makes perfect camera pans possible. The housing is made of robust aluminium and is perfectly protected against corrosion. The mounting point is also made of this rustproof material. This means that shooting in the open air is always guaranteed.

The slip ring is protected against penetrating interference radiation by the aluminium housing. No interfering signals can penetrate from its interior to the outside either. The typical protection class IP 51 means that the slip ring is protected against dust and splash water. A small rain shower or morning dew does not immediately lead to a short circuit in the rotary joint. This also makes the HD-SDI slip ring well suited for surveillance cameras. For higher protection classes, we have solutions that make the slip ring fully operational under particularly harsh environmental conditions. With at least 50 revolutions per minute, the rotation speed is high enough to also allow fast panning. Nature shots, vehicle races or other fast movements are thus always recordable.

HD-SDI Slip Ring Selection

One HD-SDI channel is available per slip ring. More is not necessary, as only one camera is ever controlled with one ring. Furthermore, the HD-SDI slip rings have at least two and up to 48 rings and thus passages. This makes extremely convenient camera control possible. With a working voltage of up to 440 volts, you can also couple the HD-SDI slip rings to power applications. The electrical noise does not exceed 10 milliohms.

The insulation resistance is 1000 megohms at 500 volts DC. The rotation speed is limited to 50 rotations per minute. More is not necessary for fast camera movement. Unless otherwise requested, we deliver the HD-SDI slip rings with a cable length of 300 mm on both sides. Longer cables are always possible on request.

The HD-SDI slip rings guarantee perfect operation in the temperature range from -30° C to +80° C. This means they are fully resilient even under tough operating conditions.

Using the HD-SDI slip rings

The installation of the HD-SDI slip rings is simple: A suitable carrier is drilled to allow the incoming cables to pass through. The slip ring is screwed onto it with the help of the lug – done. The only challenge is to attach the connectors for the HD-SDI channel correctly. A crimping tool is suitable for this. All other plugs can be connected to any suitable power connections. When mounting on a rotatable hollow shaft, you should make sure that the installation is exactly centric.

Use of the HD-SDI slip rings

HD SDI slip rings have their domain in professional image transmission technology. They are therefore suitable for all areas where first-class recordings from remote cameras are required. This precisely defined working range makes a high rotation speed unnecessary. HD SDI slip rings are therefore used in the following applications:

  • Remote-controlled cameras in film and television production
  • Drone technology
  • Object protection
  • Research
  • Damage analysis in sewers
  • Nature observation
  • Astronomy

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