rotarX slip rings & rotating unions for the Medical technology
Health is the highest good of human beings. In medical technology in particular, it is therefore crucial that specialist staff receive reliable data for diagnoses, monitoring health status and making treatment decisions – preferably in real time and accessible from anywhere. More and more sensors and fast data and image transmission are the basis for the smart and networked hospital of the 21st century. Whether
Videosignals within the framework of a Endoscopy with a 360-degree swivelling camera, Power or current for swivelling Surgical lights without shadows or live transmission for teleoperation. And these are just a few examples of areas of application for our Slip rings and rotating unions in hospitals and doctors’ surgeries.

Because medical technology is on the move, both proverbially and literally. Position data and patient data are transmitted live to central management platforms for live analysis and checking of availabilities, e.g. of hospital beds or mobile ultrasound devices. Smart hospital beds monitor patients’ health live and transmit vital data to central software platforms, and more and more surgical robots can also be controlled remotely. Operating theatre software enables smart workflows and live analyses in the OR based on databases full of patient data and empirical values from previous interventions, thus reducing costs and potential errors. In addition, AIs can support movement processes.

But the basis for all these smart solutions is reliable signal, data and power transmission between rotating and stationary components. For example, the exact coordinates of the brain regions affected by Parkinson’s, as well as the necessary needle depth and angle, must be transmitted to swivelling or rotating surgical tools, which were previously determined with the help of a CT and MRI. This is the only way, for example, that the aiming arm on the stereotactic ring can provide data-based support for the implantation of a brain pacemaker without having to manually set the determined values such as angle and depth for the implantation of the electrodes in the brain. In the future, AI can thus help to avoid errors.

Slip rings and rotary feedthroughs can therefore be found everywhere in modern clinics – from the large slip ring of the computer tomograph, to the Capsulated Slip Rings in the roles of a hospital bed or a video endoscope. Because not only data and signals are in motion, but also the hospital staff and the medical equipment itself. The ability to swivel lights and surgical tools, the castors on mobile examination equipment and beds, or doctors and nurses themselves who want to quickly check a patient’s data or the availability of a device while on the move are what make efficient and flexible workflows in hospitals possible in the first place. And whenever something is in motion, slip rings and rotary unions are not far away.

Where are slip rings used in medical technology?

  • MRT & CT
  • Blood sampling and fluid analysis
  • Smart monitored hospital beds
  • Swivelling surgical lights and surgical tools, if necessary with monitors (4K)
  • Telerobot or teleoperation / medical robot
  • Endoscopies
  • Data transmission to patient management systems
  • Operating theatre software for documentation and surgical workflows
  • Ventilation & UV sterilisation in the operating theatre
  • Medical centrifuges

Advantages of our slip rings for medical technology

  • Advanced fibre brush technology for minimal abrasion, increasing life to 30 million revolutions or three years
  • Various hybrid solutions for video signals (HD-SDI, 4K), USB, fieldbus, Ethernet, fibre optics or optical channels for high-speed data transmission via axis-independent and EMC-insensitive channels with up to 10 Gbit/s
  • Gold-to-gold and silver-to-silver contacts, but also special solutions are possible
  • Various mounting options
  • Various sizes / inner diameters and housings
  • Freely selectable cable lengths
  • EMI shielding of analogue, digital and HF signals possible
  • Customised special designs even for small quantities
  • Individual cable routing

Do you already know our configurator?

The various rotarX slip ring series are optimised for a wide range of applications. We support our customers for tailor-made solutions. All products can be individually adapted to the applications in order to offer you added value. Premium Engineering Slip Ring Solutions.

Slip rings for MRI & CT

Slip rings for CT and MRI can have an internal diameter of up to two metres. To enable reliable, fast and contactless transmission of image and bus data, frequently Slip rings without housing used on which the sensor of the tomograph slides.
The greatest challenge is that the best possible results in resolution, data security and speed, as well as the transmission of data, image signals and power, must be combined in just one device or slewing ring. Precise work, experience and the rethinking of every component and its individual function are the basis and absolutely crucial here. Because unreliable data transmission or image transmission means that, in case of doubt, incorrect diagnoses and treatment decisions could be made. Our experience in the field of medical technology, the modular design of all our slip rings and rotary joints, as well as the constant exchange with all our customers enables us to guarantee the highest precision, highest data rates and absolute reliability for MRI and CT rotary joints. Together with our team of experts, we configure individual solutions for every purpose in consultation with you. You can also send us precise enquiries via our slip ring configurator – the ideal basis for finding an efficient solution.

Brush holder and rings

Slip rings without housing

Slip rings without housing for complete integration into customer systems, individual composition possible

Inner diameter

A wide range of internal diameters for the hollow shaft are available for our slip rings without housing. From 3mm up to 500mm or even more, we offer high quality solutions that can be adapted to the requirements of your installation.

Brush holder

The slip rings without housing consist of a brush holder with brushes and the rings. The brush holders can either be screwed or glued. The brush holders can be manufactured either with cable and plug or with solder or plug connections. The composition and type of brushes is manufactured individually according to the customer’s wishes. Please contact us if you have any questions about brush holders.

Ring carrier with wiring

Matching the brush holder, the ring carrier with the rings and the associated wiring forms the counterpart of the slip ring. The material and size of the rings are selected according to the customer’s application. For example, gold-coated rings with higher signal quality are available for the transmission of data, or stronger metals with less wear for longer service life. If you have any questions about the right choice of rings, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Smart hospital beds for live monitoring on the move

The ability to check blood pressure, heart rate and other patient data at any time while on the move is elementary for modern hospitals. Doctors and nurses must always be able to keep an eye on their patients’ state of health, if necessary, without having to stand at the bedside or take a look at the classic paper medical record. In addition, the hospital bed can communicate whether it is occupied or not and where it is located, which makes logistics and finding a suitable hospital bed for new patients much easier for the management. Work is also being done on solutions or sensors that communicate the technical condition and cleaning needs of a bed. Since many follow-up processes of a ward or clinic are linked to the bed occupancy, the smart hospital bed an enormous relief for the hospital staff is the case. For example, the so-called manual Midnight statistics superfluous if the beds communicate their occupancy and position themselves. But in order to be able to track all this data, data transmission to a management software is necessary. For example, miniature slip rings can be installed in the rollers of the hospital bed. Here it is important that these have a Particularly high IP protection class have them so that they are not damaged when the hospital bed is cleaned in the washing facility. On request, we can supply slip rings up to protection class IP69K. It offers protection for High-pressure cleaning at a short distance and withhot water.


Encapsulated miniature slip rings

The perfect slip ring solutions for tight spaces and compact unit dimensions

Housing material selection options

The housing of the encapsulated miniature slip rings is optionally made of plastic, aluminium or stainless steel. Depending on the application and individual requirements, the appropriate material can be selected. Combinations (e.g. stator made of stainless steel, rotor made of plastic) are also possible. We would be happy to advise you on selecting the optimum housing material for your application.

Individual mounting holes

The encapsulated miniature slip rings are manufactured in various designs with or without a mounting flange. The diameter of the flange and also the included holes (pitch circle diameter, hole size, number) can be freely defined. A secure fastening of the slip rings is important to ensure an optimum service life. Please feel free to send us information on the mounting points within your machine and we will customise the mounting flange for you.

Adjustment options on the rotor

The rotor of the encapsulated miniature slip rings can be individually adapted to the customer’s application in many ways. In addition to the material, the design can also be adapted so that, for example, slots, holes or flattenings can be introduced. These can then create a form-fit connection to the rotating part of the system. The length and diameter of the rotor can also be freely defined. In addition, it is also possible to produce the slip rings with a rotor flange for fastening as an alternative to the stator flange. We would be happy to advise you on the various possibilities.

Axial or radial cable outlet

The cable outlets can also be customised on most of our compact miniature slip rings. In addition to the standard axial cable outlet, radial outlets can also be provided. In addition to the pure cables, connectors can also be mounted in the housing, which then significantly simplify assembly later. We will be happy to explain the possibilities in the area of cable outlets of our slip rings.

Slip rings for the spring arm of swivelling operating theatre luminaires

Flexibility and freedom of movement are enormously important in the operating room. Whether swivelling surgical tools or swivelling robotic arms, or the familiar Operating theatre lights with spring arm (support arm luminaires) – Control signals, data and, of course, power must be constantly transmitted between stationary and rotating components in the OR. In this way, for example, shadowing can be avoided.

The suspension of the surgical lights is provided by the spring arm, which isbetween cantilever arm and cardanic is installed. In this way, the support arm luminaire can be rotated, but also still be height-adjusted at the bottom and top. The spring arm is primarily responsible for height positioning here and its size varies according to the planned load-bearing capacity, i.e. the size of the operating theatre luminaire. The slender design accordingly requires a high load-bearing capacity with a small diameter, which also reduces the Permissible diameter of the slip rings used limited. Nevertheless, these must achieve a high power density. The small dimensioning of the slip rings also enables improved transmission of today’s standard signal slip rings. CAN bus and SD video signals. Here, for example, the HD-SDI Slip rings for a combined transmission of power, control signals and video signals.


HD-SDI Slip Rings

Loss-free transmission of high-frequency image and sound signals via HDMI (UHD, 4K, 8K, etc.)

HDMI connections for quick installation

To enable quick installation in the end device, we deliver our HD-SDI slip rings with HDMI connectors as standard. If you need other connectors or special cables with increased EMC protection, we can of course also implement this. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Hybrid slip ring with multiple connections

In addition to the transmission of the high-frequency picture and sound signals, further connections can be provided, here an audio transmission via a 3.5 mm jack plug.

Various interfaces for data

In addition to electrical power and the video signals of the HD-SDI channels, other types of signals can also be transmitted, here in the picture USB2.0. In this way, all power and data streams can be combined in one device.

Different housing materials to choose from

The housing material of the HD-SDI slip rings is selected after consultation with our customers. From plastic to stainless steel, many possibilities, including combinations, are available. We will be happy to advise you about the various possibilities in this area.

FORJs and Ethernet slip rings for teleoperation & the hospital of the future

Modern Operating theatre tool with AI assistance makes it possible to assist with movements and improve precision. In addition, robots are expected to take over more and more routine work in the future that would otherwise tie up valuable human resources. Thus there are already robotic laboratory lines or a Digitally controlled drug dispensing. In the future Service-Roller also take on heavy physical tasks in care and assist with the localisation of mobile medical devices.
Live monitoring of vital signs is also crucial and makes it possible, so to speak, for important patient data not only to be documented in real time, but also to be analysed. This can be done, for example, through wearables and smart hospital beds. In the context of machine-to-machine communication (Industry 4.0 / IoT), this data can then be sent to networked medical technology which reacts accordingly. And all this without putting any additional strain on patients or staff. But as soon as the networked medical technology swivels or rotates, slip rings or rotary joints are required to transmit the data and signals. Especially in the Robotics, but also for all rotating technology, e.g. medical centrifuges, devices for blood or fluid analysis or CTs, it is therefore crucial that the generated data can be transmitted at high speed and safely between rotating and stationary components.

The most important basis for the smart hospital of the future is therefore the electronic patient file. This is linked to intelligent interfaces and a network for telemedicine that makes the data available in a secure way and enables real-time exchange. In addition, medical technology must be equipped with Bluetooth and WiFi functions to ensure networking and enable interaction.

Fibre optic rotary transducers (FORJ / Glass fibre slip rings) are optimal here. They are light, space-saving, almost maintenance-free and can transmit data at the highest speeds. Since transmission via fibre optic cables moreover, no brush rubs on the slip ring any more, the service life is significantly longer. Whereas conventional slip rings have a service life of approx. 30,000,000 revolutions, glass fibre slip rings have a service life of up to 200.000.000 Revolutions.

Within the framework of the Teleoperation transmission can also be carried out with the help of Ethernet-Slip rings as data transmission via cable within a local area network (LAN) may be required in sensitive areas.


Ethernet Slip Rings

Secure transmission of 100Mbit/s / 1000Mbit / Gigabit Ethernet, protocols such as PROFINET, SERCOS III, POWERLINK, EtherCAT, MECHATROLINK-III and many more.

Housing material Ethernet slip rings

The housing material of the Ethernet slip rings is selected after consultation with our customers. From plastic to stainless steel, many possibilities, including combinations, are available. We will be happy to advise you about the various possibilities in this area.

Ethernet cable with RJ45 connector

In order to enable the fastest and most error-free installation in the customer’s system, we deliver our Ethernet slip rings with RJ45 plugs as standard. If you require other connectors, such as industrial M12 connectors, or special cables with increased EMC protection, we can of course also implement this. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Type Ethernet Slip Rings

Ethernet slip rings can be implemented in almost any design: with or without a hollow shaft, as an encapsulated miniature slip ring or even as an ultra-flat pancake variant.

Power and Ethernet

The special feature of our hybrid slip rings is the possibility of transmitting electrical power in addition to the Ethernet data, or even providing feedthroughs for liquids or gases.

Various interfaces for data

In addition to electrical power and Ethernet data, other types of signals can also be transmitted, here USB2.0 in the picture. In this way, all power and data streams can be combined in one device.

Hybrid multi-channel rotary unions for laboratory & pharmaceutical industry

Already today, smaller Laboratory sections in clinics have been fully automated with the help of robotics. In the future, this automation will continue to increase. At the same time, the analysed laboratory values, for example from blood and urine tests, must be stored in the electronic patient file in real time if possible. This speeds up diagnoses and success checks of previous treatment decisions enormously. To achieve this, centrifuges and other devices for fluid testing must be enabled to reliably transmit the determined laboratory values via the network. And whenever, in addition to signals and power, fluids also have to be transmitted between two rotating, or a rotating and a stationary, component Rotating unions come into play. Classic rotating unions are only suitable for the passage of various liquids and media such as gas or compressed air. For the smart clinic of the future Hybrid electric rotary unions needed, which the Combining transmission of media, power and data can be used. The decisive factor is that the different media in a multi-channel turntable can be clearly distinguished from each other.

In addition, in the field of medical technology, they must be especially suitable for use in clean rooms. Thus, rotating unions can sometimes also be used for the Drug dispensing or for Anaesthesia systems be used. The various seals and materials available from us are suitable for the highest demands and enable a reliable and combined Transmission of media such as gas, emulsions, bases, acids, oil, water or vacuum, as well as signals and data.

Similar requirements – especially the separation of different media such as emulsions, water or chemicals – also apply in the manufacture of pharmaceutical products and in the chemical industry. Here, too, hybrid rotating unions play an important role.

Advantages of our rotating unions:

  • High plant availability
  • No component change necessary when using different media
  • Combined systems of rotating union, slip ring and FORJ enable space and cost savings, as well as a significant reduction in maintenance effort
  • Depending on the model and sealing rings, our rotating unions enable the transmission of media with a pressure of up to 1,300 bar
Up to 16 media feed-throughs + 48 lines for electrics

Hybrid pneumatic/liquid + electric

Hybrid slip rings for simultaneous transmission of media (gas, liquid) and electrics (power, signals)

Different housing materials to choose from

The housing material of the hybrid rotating unions is selected after consultation with our customers. From aluminium to stainless steel, many options, including combinations, are available. We would be happy to advise you on the various possibilities in this area.

Various connection sizes for media feedthroughs

We offer the following options as connection sizes: M5, 1/8″, ¼”, 3/8″, ½”. In addition, straight or angled connections can be installed to individually adapt the rotating union to the customer’s machine.

Radial holes for media connections in the stator

In the stator housing, the holes for the media feedthroughs are located radially. Straight or angled connections for the liquids or gases can be mounted here.

Axial bores for media connections in the rotor

The holes for the media feedthroughs are located axially in the rotor. Straight or angled connections for the liquids or gases can be mounted here. Radial versions are also available as an option. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Product catalogue for all slip rings

Find out about the different slip rings in our current overview. Transmission technology for complex industrial and safety-relevant applications form the core of our product range. All products can be individually adapted to the applications in order to offer you added value. Premium engineering - that is our claim for every single product we manufacture. We would like to convince you of this.

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