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rotarX Capsulated Miniature Slip Rings for Power- and Signal Transmission

Compact Slip Rings with outer diameter from 5.5mm to 54mm

Electrical Specifications

  • Number of rings: 3-125

  • Lifetime: 3 million to 100 million revolutions

  • Rated Current: 1-10A per ring

  • Transmission of field bus signals, Ethernet, USB, video signals, temperature, etc.

  • Combined solutions power + signals possible

  • Max. working voltage: 240 VAC/DC

  • Dielectric strength: ≥500V @50Hz

  • Electrical noise: max 35mΩ

  • Insulation resistance: 1000 MΩ @ 500 VDC

Mechanical Specifications

  • Housing diameter 5.0mm to 54.0mm

  • Possible flange solutions: rotor-flange, stator-flange, without flange

  • Rotational speed: 0-300 rpm (up to 3.000 rpm on request)

  • Contact material: silver-silver, gold-gold, special solutions on request

  • Cable length: freely definable, standard: 250mm (rotor/stator)

  • Different cable cross sections possible, connectors possible

  • Housing material: plastic, aluminum or stainless steel

  • Protection class: IP54 (higher on request, up to IP69K)

  • Working temperature: -20°C … +60°C (others on request)

Reliable Power and Signal Transmission through Capsulated Miniature Slip Rings

Wherever power is to be transmitted between a stationary and a rotating component, slip rings are still the reliable components of choice. Although Bluetooth, infrared or radio signal transmission also offers contactless transmission possibilities, these still have disadvantages such as susceptibility to interference radiation, which exclude them for many applications. At the latest however with the transmission of electrical energy the contact transmission is practically without meaningful alternative. The only possibilities of contactless current transmission are highly wear-promoting arcs or inductive systems that require high voltages. Neither of these is technically feasible in the sizes offered by the miniature slip rings. In addition, these components offer numerous other advantages.

Functionality of Capsulated Slip Rings

Capsulated miniature slip rings consist of a rotating and a stationary part. A series of contact rings are attached to the rotor, which are insulated from each other. To the inside, the contact rings are connected with an insulated cable which is led out of the slip ring to the front. Signal cables also run into the stator part, which end in sliding contacts. Incoming and outgoing cables always have the identical colors, so that the confusion-free assignment during installation is guaranteed. The sliding contacts touch the contact rings of the rotor inside the slip ring. The contacts are reinforced by a spring, which ensures reliable signal transmission within the technical parameters of the component. No matter at what angle the rotor is turned in relation to the stator, the transmission of signal or power current is always maintained in this way. The capsulation serves to shield the sensitive inner workings of the slip rings from external interference. All you need to ensure during installation is that the slip ring is positioned exactly in one axis with the rotating component. For this purpose, the capsulated miniature slip rings often have robust flanges with pre-drilled guides for the retaining screws.

Advantages of Capsulated Slip Rings

The encapsulation protects the inner life of the slip rings against the following disturbance variables, depending on the level of protection class and housing material:

  • Penetrating dust
  • Penetrating moisture
  • Electrical interference fields
  • Vibrations
  • Slip
  • Shocks, blows and vibrations

Penetrating dust, especially electrically conductive metal or coal dust, leads to short circuits in a very short time. Since the contact rings and sliding contacts are not insulated, they are extremely sensitive to dust penetration. Non-conductive dust can settle on the rotating components and form an unwanted insulation layer.

Penetrating moisture can cause corrosion of the contacts. To ensure maximum operational reliability, the contact rings and sliding contacts are coated with silver. This metal forms only a thin oxidation layer, which is immediately removed again automatically during normal operation of the slip ring. Alternatively, the surfaces can be provided with a gold alloy, which has a positive effect on signal transmission quality and prevention of oxidation.


Electrical disturbances penetrate less into the slip ring, but they can escape from it. Any slightest loss of contact can cause an arc, which emits a radio signal. This radio signal can disturb surrounding components, especially those with wireless signal transmission. The capsulation prevents these disturbing emissions and shields them reliably.


Finally, the capsulation is designed so robustly that it is largely insensitive to mechanical stress. For particularly demanding environments, we also offer capsulations made of stainless steel. These are also ideal for a hygienically critical environment. Stainless steel can be disinfected very well and has aseptic properties.

Variations of Capsulated Slip Rings

We offer capsulated miniature slip rings of three and up to 125 transmission lines. Each ring can handle rated currents from 1 to 10 amperes and operating voltages from 12 volts to and 440 volts. This gives you complete freedom to choose which line you want to use as power current for operating consumers or as signal current for sensors. As a reserve you have a dielectric strength of up to 500 volts at your disposal. This means that even larger voltage peaks are reliably intercepted. Our slip rings work optimally in a temperature range of – 20°- +60 °C. If you are planning an application outside this temperature range, please contact us. We will find the right solution for a safe and reliable slip ring even for your special challenges.

Installation of Capsulated Slip Rings

We have made the installation of the capsulated miniature slip rings as user-friendly as possible. The slip ring is attached to the flange of the housing with the pre-drilled holes at the desired position. The flange can be designed as rotor flange or stator flange and the included mounting holes can also be customized. Make sure that this position is always exactly in the center of the rotation axis. Slight eccentric movements can still be intercepted. Larger deviations may cause mechanical stress on the ball bearing, which may have a negative effect on the service life. The colors of the incoming and outgoing cables are identical. Mix-ups are impossible. After installation of the slip rings and connection of the current-carrying lines on both sides, the slip ring is ready for use.

Use of Capsulated Slip Rings

These components are designed to establish a reliable electrical connection between a stationary and a rotating component. For this purpose, our capsulated miniature slip rings always offer maximum operational reliability at low cost. By using the capsulated miniature slip rings, you get an excellent safety reserve for unforeseen failures even in seemingly uncritical environments. Our capsulated miniature slip rings are therefore an extremely cost-effective contribution to increasing the operational reliability of your systems. In particularly demanding applications, such as aviation, space travel or the handling of chemicals, the capsulated slip rings make a significant contribution to general operational safety. Reliability, robustness and power reserves characterize each of our components.

Maintenance of Capsulated Slip Rings

The capsulated miniature slip rings are maintenance-free. They cannot be disassembled. The components are pressed and capsulated at the factory in such a way that they provide consistent reliability and transmission quality over their entire service life. Afterwards, the inexpensive components can be easily exchanged and replaced with a new part. Apart from external cleaning and regular checks of the non-locking rotatability, the capsulated miniature slip rings require no maintenance work.

Your way to the Capsulated Miniature Slip Rings

With the capsulated miniature slip rings we offer you the ideal components for the transmission of power and signal current to rotating components. Our comprehensive product range also has the right solution for your applications. If you have any questions about your capsulated miniature slip rings, please call us or use our contact form. Together with you we will find the ideal capsulated slip rings for your applications.

We supply you from quantity 1. Special shapes or special types are possible on request. Give us a call. We will discuss your challenges until we have found your optimal slip ring. Trust our competence and experience. Our capsulated miniature slip rings are used in tens of thousands of applications worldwide. Whether you need a one-off or a series component, we supply capsulated miniature slip rings that you can rely on completely.

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