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Slip rings for Cranes and Hoists

Slip rings are also used in crane technology for power and data transmission. Depending on the different types of machines, different tasks in crane technology are connected with the rotary transmissions. Under heavy duty conditions, all rotating components of the cranes (e.g. jib arms and grabs) must be reliably supplied with power and data in indoor and outdoor applications. The enormous reliability of the slip rings plays a major role, especially with high loads that are suspended above man and machine. The special gold wire technology of rotarX slip rings ensures long-lasting and trouble-free operation of the systems.


Common Applications for rotarX Slip Rings in Crane Technology:


  • Tower cranes
  • bucket wheel excavator in open-cast mining
  • Mobile cranes
  • Cable reels for gantry and harbour cranes
  • rotating superstructures for fire engines
  • Excavators in the building industry
  • pillar jib cranes
  • Attachments for cranes (jib and grab)


Power Transmission for Mobile Cranes using Slip Rings

The rotarX slip rings’ modular system offers maximum flexibility and a wide range of applications. The slip rings of mobile cranes and ladder trolleys are used in the turning center between superstructure and substructure. The electric drives and sensors of the rotating booms must be securely connected in order to exclude risks for the operator. The rotarX slip rings offer the optimal solution therefore. Hollow shaft slip rings additionally allow cables or hydraulic lines to pass through the inside of the slip rings. B-COMMAND also offers hybrid rotary joints as an option for the combined transmission of electrical power/signals and hydraulics.


Advantages of rotarX Slip Rings in Conveyor Technology:

  • Compact size, easy installation, high reliability and long service life
  • Transmission of fieldbus signals: Profibus, Profinet, CANopen
  • Data transmission via fiber-optical rotary joints (FORJ)
  • Protection degree up to IP68, suitable for use in dusty and exposed environments
  • noble contact materials, high conductivity, low starting torques
  • shock-resistant design, can also be used with high vibrations
  • extremely temperature resistant


Customized Slip Rings from B-COMMAND

B-COMMAND develops and manufactures rotarX slip rings specifically for each application. Housing material, protection classes, combination of power and signal rings, operating and storage temperature, acceleration, mechanical vibration and cable lengths and types are individually designed. Due to the modular design of the slip rings, an almost infinite number of combination possibilities can be provided.

rotarX slip rings from B-COMMAND offer many individual possibilities in the field of conveying and lifting technology and in crane construction. Our engineers also develop the right slip ring for your crane-technology application. Comprehensive technical data sheets and 3D models are a matter of course for us and offer our customers the simple possibility of simple design-side implementation of the devices. The satisfaction of our customers is our top priority.