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Slip rings for robotics from B-COMMAND

Industrial robotics is still on the advance. In manufacturing processes, the automation rate is increased worldwide, often optimizing the corresponding costs. Robots are the heart of modern production lines in almost all branches of industry. They take on complex tasks and can be used highly efficiently and flexibly.


Typical robot applications for slip rings:

  • Pick- and Place-Robots for Waver-Production
  • small waterproof robots for machine tools
  • Cleanroom robots for the food and pharmaceutical industries
  • Palletizing robots for various handling tasks
  • Lightweight robots as human-machine interface
  • Industrial robots for automobile production, welding robots
  • medical robots for surgical technology
  • Inspection robots for pipelines and pipes


Rotary Joints for Multi-Axis Transmission of Power and Data

The robots are designed according to the requirements of the respective production situation. This often requires multi-axis systems that move the production material to the predefined positions. The rotarX slip rings from B-COMMAND have been designed to transmit the power and data of the individual drives and to connect the sensors in all sections of the robot arm. Fast rotation speeds, maintenance-free design, high temperature resistance and extremely compact dimensions characterize our rotary joints.


Various Tasks for Slip Rings

The range of robot applications is now very high in many areas and the slip rings have special tasks in addition to the classical transmission of power and data. Slip rings for pipeline / drain robots are therefore often produced with special attention to the transmission of HD video signals and partly supplied as hybrid electrical + COAX slip rings. Slip rings for maritime applications are implemented in seawater resistant housings with high protection degrees. Miniature slip rings with a housing diameter of only 6 mm can ensure reliable transmission even in very space-critical situations. Slip rings for welding robots are designed for higher currents to transfer all power elements required for the welding process. Slip rings with hollow shaft provide space for the feed-through of ropes, cables and lines / pipes for liquids or gases. Depending on the requirements of the robot technology, a wide variety of requirement profiles can also be combined in hybrid slip rings.


Advantages of rotarX Slip Rings for Robots:

  • modular design and flexible adaptation to different machine types
  • compact dimensions
  • Hybrid slip rings for combined transmission electric + coax or electric + hydraulic/pneumatic (media feed-through)
  • long service life up to 100 million revolutions
  • high data rates for data transmission in bus networks
  • Operating temperatures from -40°C to 80°C
  • easy installation


The rotarX slip ring family from B-COMMAND offers the right solution for every robot with 14 different slip ring series. The modular design of the rotary joints and their adaptation to the respective customer application is a matter of course for us. In close cooperation with our customers, we develop tailor-made solutions for robotics.