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Slip rings for Packaging Machines

Secure Transmission of Power and Data in Packaging Technology

The range of applications and areas of application for rotary unions in packaging technology is very big. In addition to standardized solutions for the logistics industry and parcel shipping, many products are packed under special ambient conditions. This may include chemical liquids or gases in hazardous areas, or food and pharmaceutical products in clean rooms. In all with our modular rotarX slip rings, we can flexibly adapt our slip rings to the individual requirements of each case. We react to our customers’ requirements and manufacture the right rotary union for every packaging solution.


Common applications for rotarX slip rings in packaging technology

  • Packaging machines for food industry
  • Packaging machines for the pharmaceutical industry
  • Packaging machines for cosmetics
  • Thermoforming systems for packaging food and non-food articles under a protective atmosphere
  • Filling facilities
  • Mechanical palletizing systems
  • Robot-controlled palletizing systems
  • Stretch packer
  • Shrink film machine
  • Cartoning systems


High-speed logistics for short throughput and delivery times

Modern logistics and modern packaging technology are geared to high process speeds and short throughput times. Through better and better networking of the systems among each other and ever faster communication and drive solutions can be permanently improved in these areas. Also data and power transmission from all fixed to rotating parts must withstand this development. Therefore also our rotarX-slip rings undergo permanent optimizations with the aim of the improvement of the mechanical and electrical properties. Highest signal quality for 1000MBit Ethernet transmissions, USB3.0 transmission and optical transmission via optical fiber are only some of the possibilities of our program.


Slip rings in stainless steel housing / IP69K

For packaging solutions in the cosmetic, medical, pharmaceutical and food industries, we use EHEDG-compliant materials and mechanical designs that are ideally suited for use in critical areas. We use stainless steel A2 A (AISI 303 / EN 1.4305) and stainless and acid-proof steel A4 (AISI 316L / EN 1.4435) as housing materials. The seals and cable types are also adapted to the requirements in order to guarantee maximum tightness and resistance. We offer IP69K as the maximum protection class for slip rings in these areas.


rotarX slip rings with short installation and maintenance times

Especially at high production rates and high throughput speeds, the service life and maintenance cycles of a slip ring play a significant role. The rotarX slip rings can be adapted exactly to customer specifications and thus to the required running times by maximum individualization. A large number of relubricating ball slewing rings, robust sealing materials and precisely matched materials for rings and brushes are available for this purpose. Almost all slip rings of our production program are maintenance-free and can enable very long maintenance intervals with service lives of up to 100 million revolutions and more. In case of maintenance, all slip rings can be designed to be pluggable so that short installation times can be guaranteed.


Advantages of rotarX slip rings for packaging systems:

  • modular design and flexible adaptation to different machine types
  • Hybrid slip rings for combined transmission of power, signals and liquids/gases (media feedthrough)
  • Long service life up to over 100 million revolutions
  • high data rates for data transmission in bus networks
  • Operating temperatures from -40°C to +200°C
  • maintenance-free
  • Housing material stainless steel A2 A or stainless and acid-proof steel A4

In the field of packaging technology, the rotarX slip rings from B-COMMAND offer many individual possibilities. Our engineers also develop the right slip ring for your packaging application. Extensive technical data sheets and 3D models are a matter of course for us and offer our customers the possibility of simple implementation of the devices in terms of design. The satisfaction of our customers is our top priority.