Factory Automation and Slip Rings

There is little doubt that the world of manufacturing has increased significantly in complexity during the last twenty years. Technology has advanced and more and more processes have become automated as a result. In this blog post, we will provide you with some recent trends from the industry, as well as highlight some of the products that we offer that are perfect for the factory setting. 

Trends within Factory Automation

Advancements within technology, as well as changing consumer demands, have made today’s factories highly efficient. There is a strong emphasis on making these facilities more productive, increasing automation, and being highly cost effective. We are seeing more and more production processes taken over by robots, thus limiting the amount of down time on the factory floor. 

Additionally, many manufacturers are transforming their facilities into smart factories through IoT technologies. This increased connectivity allows for remote access for machinery, enabling the constant monitoring of machinery to prevent downtime. Besides the need for remote access, many controls can now be operated from the cloud, with employees communicating digitally through the use of mobile tech.

Usage of Slip Rings Within Factories

Slip rings are found in a variety of applications on the factory floor. Slip rings are often used within CCTV cameras as they can be very small in size, and offer 360 degree rotation. As more processes are being automated, robots have taken over much of the production. Slip rings are essential components that enable the transfer of power and signals from one part to another. This aids in the unrestricted movement of the robot to ensure a wide range of operation. Finally, slip rings are commonly found within motors in a variety of ways. For example as a way to add resistance to the rotor windings, in addition to the steady transfer of power or data from one part to another.

When selecting your slip ring or rotary union solution, there are a number of factors, including high temperatures, pressure, and corrosive chemical reagents. You must also take into consideration the payload and speed specifications of the machines in your factory. Naturally, you want to select a slip ring that will withstand both the test of time and the factory environment. If you need help finding the right solution, our product consultants will be happy to assist you. 

Slip Ring Solutions from rotarX

At rotarX we pride ourselves on being slip ring experts. We offer a wide range of solutions to ensure that we can help you find the right solution for your project. These include: 

Hybrid COAX + Electrical Slip Rings


The hybrid slip rings with coaxial transmission are used for continuous transmission of high-frequency and high-speed signals between fixed and rotary parts. These slip rings can be equipped with up to four coax lines and 72 standard electrical lines. They are a great solution for applications within robots due to their low electrical noise for high data rate transmission. Low contact pressure allows for a long lifetime and this solution is maintenance free. 

Capsulated Miniature Slip Rings

Our capsulated miniature slip rings are a great solution for applications where space is limited, with diameter sizes down to 5mm. We offer a variety of sizes from three to 125 transmission lines. Each ring can handle rate currents from one to 10 amperes, and operating voltages from 12 to 440 volts. Incoming and outgoing cables always have identical colors, to ensure a confusion-free assignment during installation. Due to their capsulated body, the slip ring is protected from penetrating dust or moisture and electrical interference. 

Hollow Shaft Slip Rings


Hollow shaft slip rings offer a free inner diameter inside the slip ring. This will give the customer the possibility to mount the slip ring on a shaft or lead through cables or ropes which shall not be affected by the rotation. In addition, hollow shafts through which a gas or liquid flows are often found hydraulics, pneumatics, and media lines. These slip rings are available in a variety of sizes, from 30 to 300 millimeters. 

At rotarX, we strive to be the best within slip ring technology. As factories continue to automate, we are continuing to innovate and develop new solutions for these new technologies. We offer a number of both standardized and custom solutions, to ensure that we can find the right solution for our customer’s projects. If you need help finding a solution for your next project, feel free to reach out and our consultants will be happy to help.